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CES 2012: Nintendo Wii U

CES 2012: Nintendo Wii U


Nintendo took the opportunity at CES to show off it’s next generation console dubbed Wii U. In demonstrations on Tuesday journalists got an up close and personal look at the new console with Nintendo finalising some of the details surrounding the new project. They said the device will go on sale after the next Electronic Expo gaming trade show in L.A this June.

Although cost is still unknown we do know that the console will debut as a bundle with the new touch screen controller. An extra controller is likely to cost a fair bit though seeing as touch screens can sometimes account for nearly half the manufacturing cost of a tablet computer or phone.


Nintendo demonstrated ways in which the new controller will work with the older more familiar Wii controllers. For example four players with 4 traditional remotes chase a 5th player with the new touch pad. The 5th player uses the screen to guide their movements in secret while the other players keep track on the TV.

Of course the Wii U will have a sensor bar allowing not only interaction with the screen but the ability to ‘detect’ exactly in the room the Wii remotes are located in relation to the new controller.

This is especially handy when playing Golf. By simply placing the tablet on the ground you can then swing the Wii remote as a golf club to get the ball going.

However, it all seems to be getting very complicated for some developers who may opt out of using traditional Wii Remotes and focus specifically on the new tablet. This given the fact that Nintendo already have two types of Wii remote and a nunchuk as well. That’s a whole load of Nintendo.

Specs wise Nintendo were fairly vague:

IBM Power-based multicore microprocessor.

AMD Radeon-based GPU.

Proprietary 12 cm discs as well as Wii discs.

6.2″ Single Touch Screen


Video Courtesy of The Verge

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