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Kill List

Disjointed but strangely compelling british horror-thriller which starts off a bit like an episode of Come Dine with Me directed by Ken Loach, before mutating into a gangstery torture em-up with a gradually building occult undertone that eventually thrusts its way to the surface like the flyblown erection of an undead Danny Dyer. Two ex-mercenaries decide after a very protracted dinner party to get back in the game and accept a lucrative contract involving three seemingly unconnected hits…A priest, a librarian and a politician. Weird and random things begin to happen to protagonist Jay and his initial aura of ‘ard man on ‘ard times starts to shift to full blown mentalist, especially when events conspire to leave him, a paedophile and a hammer in close proximity. And when the straw headed, knife-wielding nudists start to appear you know things have all gone a bit fakking Pete Tong innit guv.
If you manage to make it through the interminable dinner party sequence at the start without slipping into a sweaty coma then there’s a gripping, if random thriller to be enjoyed. It’s very well put together and contains some fairly brutal violence mostly involving hammers. That said, a lot of it doesnt seem to make a lot of sense unless the entire structure is some kind of Jacob’s Ladder style nightmare. Ominous events and never-explained vignettes flow in and out of the narrative – hanged cats, occult symbols, smiling murder victims – and the ending is abrupt and entirely unsatisfactory, primarily because the movie had done a good job up to that point at building conspiratorial intrigue, only to shut down before shedding even the dimmest of lights on proceedings.
Dedicated horror fans will probably get the most out of it and may be better equipped to fill in some of the blanks but the average viewer will be bored to the point of self-harm by the tedious start and feel short-changed by the oblique end.
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