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Top Sports Games of 2011

Top Sports Games of 2011

2011 was a relatively quiet year for quality sports games. Nevertheless, there were a few stand-out titles. EA are well represented with their usual annual updates. It’s quite a diverse list and there should be something in there for most sports fans. Motorsports, while technically a sport, have been omitted as they’re covered comprehensively in Clyde’s Best Driving Games of 2011 list. So, in reverse order, here are the 10 best (there are actually 11 – but first place is contentious, and gamers usually choose one over the other).

10. Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge
Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

In case you missed it, 2011 was a very important year for rugby union, with the whole World Cup thing happening in New Zealand. Rugby sims are like buses – none for ages, then two come along at once. Unlike the other rugby game that came out in 2011 (Rugby World Cup 2011), Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge was actually half decent.



9. Madden NFL 12
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2, Xperia Play, iPhone

Madden NFL 12
EA’s Madden series of American Football games have been going since the late ‘80s / early ‘90s. Almost every year EA releases a new iteration of the game, slightly tweaking and improving things here and there. With the 2012 version, they included new features like expanded rosters & future draft picks, although most fans would argue that overall, it wasn’t really a drastic improvement over previous versions. It’s still the best of its genre out there however.



8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, Xperia Play, iPhone

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
Almost as predictable with its annual incarnations as Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 dropped in 2011 with one major new addition. It incorporated The Masters golf tournament. Career mode has been built around qualifying for it, one of the Meccas of the golfing world. Commentary by legendary US broadcaster Jim Nantz, and the addition of a fairly useless caddy means that, like most EA Sports titles, this was more of an incremental improvement. Like Madden though, it is still the leader in its field.



7. Top Spin 4
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

Top Spin 4
A favourite in the previous console generation, Top Spin 3 didn’t exactly set the world alight when it arrived on the current generation in 2008. Thankfully, it looks like 2K Sports took note of the criticisms when they released Top Spin 4 this year. While it doesn’t have all the licensed players, it does contain a large chunk of them, along with some past legends. Controls are sharp, and career mode lengthy, making it the best tennis game out there.



6. Football Manager 2012
PC, Mac

Football Manager 2012
The Football Manager series have long been considered the best of the genre. Changes in this version include being able to customise the game’s complexity to your liking, and the incorporation of man management. Now you can decide if you want give a particular player the hair-dryer treatment à la Sir Alex, or just a pat on the bum, if they’re into that. It’s a huge and detailed game that cannot be bettered elsewhere.


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