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Top 12 Games for 2012.

Top 12 Games for 2012.

Nostradamus has nothing on us – Our crystal monkey-ball can see a bucket load of games that are coming down the pipeline, some promise to be in the year to come while others may or may not make it before doomsday – which is Christmas 2012 by the way. Games that still live in the world of ‘coming soon’ include a new Red Dead Redemption prequel/sequel, more Assassins Creed, Thief 4 and Batman Arkham World (to name a few), but seeing  any of these titles in 2012 is pretty unlikely. So with the slight chance that the Mayan calendar is a load of voodoo gibberish and if the ice caps don’t melt within a year, or if a massive intergalactic marble doesn’t bounce off the earth, then we will be very lucky and get to play lots of great games into the future. If it turns out to be true and we are all set for the big bang then here are some of the great games we will be likely playing on our way down the universal plughole.

12. Counterstrike: Global Offensive
Ah yes, this one is actually Number 1 on my personal list, but I realise not all are as enlightened as my good self, so I put it last. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I imagine once the Modern Warfare generation get a load of this granddaddy PC title they might just pack in the flashy visual overdose of COD games for a more strategic and may I say skilful game. I know I will!

11. Borderlands 2
The original was a bit of a love it or hate it affair. Many loved it for its co-op open world gameplay, while others hated the comic book 2000AD visual style. Borderlands 2 looks set to please its fans and give the finger to its critics with little in the way of change, as a result this may be low on the list for many, but by gum – you have to admire that Gearbox integrity.

10. Agent
Little is known about this Rockstar PS3 exclusive title and it seems to have been largely forgotten about in the news wires. If it turns out to be a mix of L.A. Noir and GTA then it could be very interesting. My bet is that it will take games in a new and experimental direction and given the amount of time it has been in production, (4 years) it feckin’ well better be good – but as of now it looks as if details are ‘top secret’ – get it?

9.  Max Payne 3
Another Rockstar game makes it into the list, but it must be asked – is this really a ‘Max Payne’ game or a convenient use of a successful IP? Looks to me that they should have just called it ‘Bruce Willis in a video game’!  Personally I think it will be a good action romp regardless. Bring on the bullet time baby!

8. The Last of Us
This Playstation exclusive looks set to keep the apocalypse well and truly alive in gamer lore. We have had a load of Zombie/disaster games over the last few years so what new aspects can this new game bring? Perhaps some depth and strong narrative? That’s what it promises so hopefully it can deliver. At the least it is a chance to live the ‘I am Legend’ experience.

7. Rainbow Six Patriots
The thinking man’s shooter. You can keep your perks and kill-streaks, to hell with your quick respawns and shove those care packages up your bum-hole! Rainbow six doesn’t do easy! You want an upgrade? Then you’re really going to have to earn it! Tactical planning and precise accuracy is what will keep you alive in R6. It also looks like Ubisoft are going for the jugular of American society with its gritty domestic terrorism scenario, should be controversial – and fun.

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