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Clydes: Top 5 Driving Games of 2011

Clydes: Top 5 Driving Games of 2011

With the jolly fat human in the red suit getting ready to make his rounds, and you’re stuck on getting that someone special in your life something nice, here is a quick roundup of the top five driving games to come out this year. Of course, if you do not like the person or they have been naughty, get them a copy of WRC2.

1. Forza Motorsport 4
Xbox 360

It has it all – epic tracks, huge car selection, great multiplayer experience and the inclusion of the Top Gear test track. So after you have stuffed your faces with turkey and ham, you can find out which one of you is fastest around one on the most well know tracks out there. If racing is not your thing, that’s ok, because Auto Vista is there to play with.As the game on a the whole caters for all levels of motorsport fanatics,  from the painters to the tuners, this simply put is a must have.



2. Dirt 3
Xbox 360, PS3

It’s The latest in the Colin McRae series and the first to introduce gymkhana to the masses. Don’t be fooled by all the hand brake turns and sliding under flat- bed trailers, this is still a fiercely competitive off road racer.With tight single- player action and seat- of- the- pants online mayhem, this is sure to keep the petrol head in your life coming back for more.



3. Driver: San Francisco
Xbox 360, PS3

While the story is mental, Driver:SF proved to be a highly enjoyable title,  with everything from iconic muscle cars to new age supercars for you to play about in. Set in the beautifully rendered city of San Francisco,with tons of side missions,and the uber- cool feeling of a seventies TV cop show, this should keep them out of your hair for a while. However,they may develop a fascination with mirrored sunglasses and want to grow an afro.



4. Gran Turismo 5

Although Sony’s PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo came out of the blocks stumbling, there’s no doubt that it’s a must have for anyone who loves the smell of petrol first thing in the morning. With over one thousand cars ranging from karts to supercars, and races taking place over seventy one tracks,  It should be more than enough to keep your little (or big) rubber bandit happy for a while.



5. F1 2011
Xbox 360, PS3

It’s as close as you’ll ever get to driving a F1 car. With Improved Al and handling, Codemasters have showned once again that they know how to deliver a fantastic racing experience.It is definitely one for all the budding Sebastian Vettels out there.



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