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First trailer for REC3 appears

First trailer for REC3 appears

The first 2 RECs were bloody and expertly constructed horrors which arrived in a tide of zombie movies and shakeycam blair witch knock offs but managed to rise above the dross with real scares and expert splatter, this prequel has ditched the fake handheld camera style (thats good) but looks like a fairly generic matrimonially-themed zombie siege pic (that’s bad)

Dr. Zaius says:

As much as I love a Deadhead movie if we are honest they are all cut from the same cloth. Wouldn’t mind a bit of a slow down on that front as long as The Walking Dead continues to be as good as it has been over the last two seasons.

Agreed. Enough with the goddamn zombie movies & games!!! The market is already oversaturated.
More Marley.

Davie Kong says:

No way! Theres no such thing as too many Zombies!! What is wrong with you people?! Braiinnssss…

Enos says:

There’s already too many zombie movies man….too many! We need a fresh take on it. What about marley + me 2? Herbert west gets involved…the entire movie is owen wilson trying to kill his decomposing resurrected dog while jennifer aniston runs around nude and screaming

Davie Kong says:

I think its good! More Zombie movies please.

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