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Cheap as Chimps – 9th December 2011

Cheap as Chimps – 9th December 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or at least it is if Andy Williams is to be believed. Although, he did once have me convinced that Solitaire was the only game in town for about 6 months meaning I lost gaming time I’ll never get back. Thanks Andy.

With the stores fighting over your Christmas buck offering various deals it can be hard to know when your getting yourself a bargain and when your being taken for a sucker just because something has a sale sticker on it. This week we’re going to do the hard work for you and pick from some of the best prices available on some of the better Christmas gift you can give to the gamer in your life, or, give to the only person you should really treat this year, that’s right, yourself.


The HMV Sale: Our Pick – Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Xbox 360 – £9.99/$15.63/11.69 Euro

The Borgia, what an odd lot, murder, warmongering, adultery and incest, all before breakfast. A stout lot the Mediterranean people, must be due to the diet, I need a caffeine transfusion before I can make it to the shower. In the continuation of the Assassin’s Creed saga we once again tackle those fiendish Templars, this time in Rome. This package also includes a new single player story, following the disappearance of the worlds most famous painter of women in a post coital state, as well as some new multiplayer options.


Christmas Crackers Sale at Our Pick – Just Dance 2
Wii – £24.99/$39.10/29.27 Euro

There are those among us that will be forced to spend time with the most retched people imaginable this holiday. What’s the collective term for them again? That’s right, family. After exchanging gifts and eating enough carbohydrates to make breathing almost impossible, what could be better than jigging around in front of the TV with your eighty seven year old grandmother? Look at it this way, you’ll probably be so sick it will be like starting your New Year diet early. A video game and an easy introduction to Bulimia? Truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Game’s Christmas Sale: Our Pick – L.A. Noire
Xbox 360 – £13.99/$21.99/16.35 Euro

There is something about this time of year which squeezes at the nostalgia gland in all of us, whether for holidays of our childhood, or just a massive helping of some old time movies and there are no better old time movies than those of the Noire genre. LA Noire drops you right into one of these movies as you take the role of a cop working his way up the career ladder and dealing with one seedy case after another. This edition from Game also includes the DLC “The Naked City”. Murder, drugs and porn, what could be more festive? Holiday Celebration

There are simply to many great games at brilliant prices over at at the best of times, but in celebration of the season all the stops are being pulled out with some unbelievable savings. For PC gamers who have not come across this hallowed hall of gaming greatness, GoG offers its customers a chance to relive or experience for the first time some of the classics that have graced Desktops and Laptops over the years and this Christmas you can get virtually everything in their catalogue at 50% off. There is just about something for everyone here with RPG fans able to snatch a copy of Lands of Lore 1&2 for peanuts to the silly yet enjoyable Postal 2 for almost nothing which is sure to please FPS players, while other offers include buying the Witcher 2 and getting the original free.

We highly recommend you PC fans head over to and treat yourself to some of the finest games around at great prices.

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