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Kinect meets Skyrim…

Kinect meets Skyrim…


The whole point of a game like Skyrim is to vegetate in a huddled position for several hours neglecting food and personal hygience while debating whether to distribute points to your Enchanting skill tree or add a 15% critical hit perk to your Archery level BUT some very creative ubergeek dude has actually managed to hack a kinect to work with his (pc) version of the game for a more…active…experience

It’s very clever and cool seeing another use for kinect  as its only really good for jumping around to embarrassing dance games or sub-wii sports games (why didnt they include peripheral support with the Kinect? why? How cool would it be to have a light gun or plastic lightsaber controller for the Kinect…) But I imagine more than 10 minutes jumping around in your pants frantically hacking at walruses and trolls while shouting your way through an elaborate inventory of potions and magic weapons would be taxing. It’s intriguing nonetheless. The voice recognition part is the coolest though, and seeing as there’s no neat solution to “walking” in a fps with motion control, perhaps hybrid Kinect (voice recognition, head tracking) plus joypad (everything else) is a genuine future option.

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