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Final Fantasy XIV – Billing Starts January 2012

Final Fantasy XIV – Billing Starts January 2012


Final Fantasy XIV is a rare beast and not in the way that a unicorn is, it’s more like some hideous cave dwelling monster which appears to exist of nothing but teeth and a rectum. Despite this not being the first time that Square Enix had dipped their corporate toe into the ocean of the MMO they somehow managed to make a game which was so badly bugged, laggy and filled with overly complex menus that not only did it mean poor sales, it also damaged the Final Fantasy brand name for many gamers.

Square Enix have apologised twice for the state of FFXIV and have promised a relaunch of the title at the end of 2012. Up until this point the game has been Free to Play, yet it has been announced that from January next year subscription fees will return, albeit at a reduced price:

From £8.99/€12.99 to £6.99/€9.99 per month
From £18.87/€26.97 to £12.57/€17.97 for 90-day subscriptions
From £34.14/€47.94 to £21.54/€29.94 For 180-day subscriptions
The will also be an additional fee of £2.10/€3.00 for each charter used

With this still being a game which is virtually unplayable and does not look likely to get any better before the launch of FF-XIV 2.0, this will surely be a move that will test the patience and wallets of MMO’ers.

Final Fantasy XIV will arrive on PS3 at the end of next year.

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