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A Total Neophytes Guide to Skyrim

A Total Neophytes Guide to Skyrim

You’ve read the reviews. It sounds awesome but…also pretty heavy stuff. God bless them, those armies of mumbling rainmen at Bethesda have created something so vast and customisable and geeky that to an outsider it may seem completely impenetrable.  And socially questionable. Do you really want to interrupt an animated chat with the lads down t’pub excitedly, discussing the ramifications of the draw for Euro 2012 with “Hey wow, I levelled my wood elf mage up to level 47 today”? No, of course you don’t guy. But listen, it’s between us, don’t worry… I was once like you. I’m going to show you how to get started on this epic and brilliant game and still maintain a façade of smirking alpha-male superiority.

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