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Forza Day Out at Mondello Park Report

Forza Day Out at Mondello Park Report

It was a bright and warm Thursday morning in Dublin town when we made our journey to Mondello Racing Park, Nass, Co. Kildare. We were gladly being whisked away courtesy of Edelman PR and Microsoft to partake in some pre-release Forza 4 shenanigans at the renowned racetrack.


Entering Mondello we were warmly greeted by Jamie from Microsoft who gestured to a room full to brim with wide screen TVs each running the mighty Forza 4 and featuring all three different controlling mechanisms (standard controller, steering wheel and Kinect). The first thing everyone remarked on was simply how great the game looked! All warm and come hither. It wasn’t long before everyone scrambled and had their mitts on at least one gaming station whilst RG (slow on the uptake) had a sandwich and waited. Patiently.

The day continued to be a runaway success. A Top Gear competition was held in the style of the programmes infamous ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ which highlighted the incredible competitive streak that outs when a gaggle of gamers hook up! (RG came 5th. Hmmpf)

Also everyone got an opportunity to try out the Mondello track for real and drive their dream cars. Unfortunately nowadays it’s very difficult for the undead to get a driving licence so RG had a ‘special’ trip round the track courtesy of a very accommodating pro driver.

After all that it was back in to the enclosure and a quick mingle with the professional drivers, GAA player Keiran Donaghy and boxing hero Bernard Dunne.

Great day out and really great game! We reckon the steering wheel is a big hit. Very intuitive touch and superb use of Kinect for checking your rear-view and your blind side. Kinect win. Forza win. It was then on to the bus and back to Gamerillaz HQ!

Enjoy the video! Handsome chap at 3:30.

Many thanks to Emma and Jamie.

Check out our review to come and our access all areas Forza Motorsport 4 Coverage here.



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