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The Woman

A while ago I reviewed a strange little movie called The  Offspring, a rather chewy tale of cannibals running amok in upstate New York. It was a badly acted, amateurish shambles but a weird buzzing soundtrack and some biting-on-tinfoil nastiness made it very slightly more memorable than your usual dvd horror fodder. How to sum this one up? Well let’s just say Hell hath no wrath like a cannibal woman scorned.

The Woman is a loose sequel, again based on a story by notoriously explicit author Jack Ketchum. The concept is quite interesting…sole surviving cannibal woman from the first movie is caught by a country lawyer and imprisoned in his outdoor toolshed while he and his family attempt to domesticate her. Unfortunately the concept is distracted and diluted by the fact that the man is a abusive tool and also an utter mental. There is probably a “prehistoric savage vs modern predator” theme here somewhere but the setup just seems awfully contrived and cartoonish.

There was some minor controversy on the film’s showing in Sundance Festival, some turniphead took umbrage at the movie’s apparent degradation of women and uncivilised nature…it is harsh, but hardly worthy of such a response. The climax is a full-on bloodbath way too strong for casual viewers but like the rest of the film is a mix of the genuinely jarring and the clumsy.

Tech stuff..well, the mediocre cast all say their lines in the right order, the gore fx are suitably effective and The Woman herself is the best thing about it, she’s genuinely intimidating and she even gets her feral muff out. It’s better than “The Offspring” and like that movie has a very weird atonal vibe overall that makes it resonate longer that it has any right too.

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