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Hobo With a Shotgun

Hobo With a Shotgun


“Spare change sir? A pound? 50p? Even 20p?” The homeless was staring at me, mouldy hand outstretched, watery eyes bulging madly like Dave Kong’s’s underpants. I reluctantly handed over the dough and glared at him malevolently. 5 minutes later I saw him chatting on a mobile phone. I’m not Larry David so didnt confront him with some aggressive but amusing rhetoric about whether he was an blackberry or an iphone guy, but kept it festering inside me until getting home, turning on my puter, logging into Reaper Movies and typing:

But lets not get bogged down with random encounters with a homeless that might have a better mobile phone/disposable income/sex life than me and turn our poached-egg pikey eyes to HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, a frankly mental grime-gore vigilante pic created by the winner of a “create your own grindhouse ad” competition. Heres his winning entry, and well, if you like this you’ll love the full length movie. Rutger Hauer is the titular Hobo, running amok in a dystopian sh*thole that makes Robocop’s Detroit look like the Eleysian Fields.

There’s clearly a limited budget here but it works in its favour, the film influences are clearly grainy grindhouse sleaze…its garish colours, whiplash camerawork and splatter made me think of those mad japanese bio-mechanical DTV gore pics like Tokyo Gore Police and Meatball Machine. Apart from our man Rutger who carries himself with a slightly unhinged dignity the rest of the cast are irritatingly over the top and get saddled with dialogue so crude its just distracting.

Other than that….great fun, hilariously mean spirited, inventively graphic and any movie with a bus load of children being torched by a mentalist with a flamethrower gets a charred, wobbly thumbs up from me.

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