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I Spit On Your Grave

I Spit On Your Grave

The original ISOYG was a strange and nasty thing, one of those poster children of the ludicrous 80′s “video nasties” era. Always seemed to be I Spit on Your Grave or the equally colourful-sounding Driller Killer being held up as some tenuous cinematic evidence of society’s screaming descent into debauched anarchy. It’s a peculiar movie, a bit schizo and clumsy and not as effective as the similarly themed “Last House on the Left” which also dealt with rapey violence and revenge. It really is a great title though..big improvement on “Day of The Woman”, and a major influence on Gi-Bag Studios’ first feature “I SPIT ON YOUR GRAN“…(not coming to a theatre near you soon)

Last House on the Left got its reboot last year complete with exploding microwaved heads, so here’s its grimy cousin, all shiny and remade and probably getting Daily Mail readers’ Complaining Fingers twitching just looking at the title. It’s not giving anything away to say the movie is basically 50% woman being horribly abused and penetrated, 50% bloody vengeance and 10% vague social commentary. But we’re not here to discuss maths, let’s get down to this movie’s grim and angry content.It’s hard to actively enjoy a film like this, the first half is just unpleasant but does do a good job in raising old testament feelings of righteous wrath in the viewer.The victim is a bland but inoffensive hottie stranded in deliverance country (drops her phone down the toilet) who gets graphically abused by a clot of horrible redneck scum…but  as she goes about her avenging angel routine in the second half the viewers’ cathartic cheers of “you go girl!” will probably be gradually replaced by mutterings of “eh…steady on…” as she morphs unconvincingly into a sadistic rape-spawned nicer-arsed version of Jigsaw.

She’d be scarier as a blank faced automaton with a stanley knife, not a sneering fishhook-toting serial killer constructing elaborate and unlikely bespoke deathtraps. And yeah, someone gets their willy cut off with shears and stuck in their mouth, as you’d expect. The acting’s functional at best, the effects are fine (except  I saw some cg blood during the “crow” scene..not happy about that..) The cinematography is grainy and strangely bleached looking..although that could have been the quality of the illegal  particular copy I was viewing…ultimately it’s well put together and does its ugly work effectively but you’ll probably get more out of it if youre the kind of person who  genuinely thinks rapists should be castrated. And if you think that maybe you should f**k off to Saudi Arabia or summat. Before I f**king rape you.

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