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Give me a break, I havent watched a filum for ages, there’s been the square root of f**k all worthdownloading for free renting hence me catching up on some TV based stuff (Boardwalk Empire….gangster-based shenanigins, started well but became a bit interminable…and The Walking Dead… But suddenly loads of movies just started to, well, materialise on my hard drive again. So I watched them. I’ll skip Big Boob Oil Orgy (“a masterpiece”) and get straight on to Dream Home.

In these troubled times where vast sums of missing theoretical money are threatening to reduce entire nations to  wastelands of baby-eating derelicts its nice to have the option of a bit of escapism, so why not kick off with a heartwarming tale of a woman who gets driven mental by contrary apartment sellers in Hong Kong and decides to murder a whole load of people in extremely graphic ways to lower property prices? That’s the plot yeah…says at the start its Based On A True Story but I suspect that may be bollix.

It’s a bit confusing to follow as the narrative jumps arounds randomly but really, it’s a CAT III hong kong gore flick so don’t feel too guilty if the narratives multiple layers remain enigmatic, you’ll probably be too busy wincing at the excessive disembowelings, eye-poppings, castrations and general splattery mayhem to care. It’s probably the grisliest thing I’ve seen since the brilliant À l’intérieur. But nowhere near as good. It’s also strangely slapstick and I think is actually meant to be a very black comedy. Worth a watch….hey, what’s negative equity compared to having a broken plank of wood rammed repeatedly down your oesophagus?

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