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2001 Maniacs / Header / After.Life

2001 Maniacs / Header / After.Life

Just a quickie today luv, now get your knickers off.

Awful, awful, shot-on-video sequel to a not very good remake of a terrible 60′s thing. Acting that isnt even inert enough to be called wooden, its actively irritating. A gang of useless cannon fodder shooting a ropey reality show run into the southern cannibal/maniac/ghost people. I think its supposed to be a comedy, and there’s nothing worse than an attempted horror comedy with no laughs, no budget and strangely almost no proper gore. It actually looks like it was shot in less time than it takes to watch, which probably violates some obscure scientific principal. There are some women with their tops off and some half-hearted lesbecian action but if you are that desperate for nudey action just go here and type “lesbian boob woman”. Aggh…just did that, hope you like em with some meat on their bones man.

You might be thinking this when you hear the term “Header” but no! If youre some redneck maniac with handy access to some power tools and a grudge you’ll have a different definition, namely that of drilling a hole in some poor feckers head and having sex with their brain. That’s right…actual brain-f**king. All the criticisms from the movie above, except even worse, with additional cranial rape.Whats the point? Turned it off after about 30 minutes as I felt the filmakers were not only raping my brain, but writing rude messages on its facebook wall and trying to give it a wedgie. Leave my brain alone! I cant believe this is the third movie in as many months I’ve seen where people are getting killed by penises.

Not be confused with the orrible Aftermath, but also set in a funeral home with all kind of post-mortem machinations. Wednesday Adams has a fight with her wetend of a boyfriend (the guy from Drag me To Hell, looks like a deranged child’s drawing of Keanu Reeves) and gets involved in a car accident, wakes up in a funeral home where she finds Liam Neeson telling her that she is in fact dead. Is she dead? Or is it some kind of mental mindgame? She spends large parts of the movie naked, which will have everyone’s inner paedo rubbing their grubby palms together as she still looks about 14 and in fact resembles a big nude fetus in a ginger wig and makeup. A million miles from being a classic, but compared to the previous 2 sense offenders it’s David f**king Lean. At least it’s got things like a proper score, cinematography, direction, editing etc. The end is really going to wind people up as well as its ambiguous to say the least.

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